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About Cave Rock Software

Cave Rock Software is a software development house based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We specialise in bespoke software applications - both stand-alone and web-based - for small and medium sized businesses.

Since 1994 we have created, or contributed to, a large number of software applications and web sites. Cave Rock team members have in the past, or are currently working for Google, Canterbury University, Christchurch City Council and major New Zealand network and hosting providers. In 2012, a startup founded by one of our directors was bought by Google.


Cave Rock began in 1994 as a group of eight technology-enclined people just out of university. The idea was to pool our resources to find an office to work in, and get a 'fast' internet connection. Fast in those days meant a 64 kilobit ISDN line.

We added a couple of modems so that we could dial in from home and connect to the office network and internet connection. Soon we had more and more friends and family asking to use our internet connection. Eventually that service expanded and turned into Cave Rock Internet, a boutique ISP.

Although running an ISP was fun for a few years, eventually some of the Cave team left for other jobs or to go on their OE. Shortly thereafter it was decided to accept an offer from another ISP to purchase Cave Rock Internet's assets, so that Cave Rock Software could return to concentrate on what we really wanted to do: developing great software.

The Name

We are often asked where the name comes from. When we started the company we went through hundreds of name ideas to find a name that was both interesting, and representative of our home town. Eventually we settled on Cave Rock, which is a local landmark in the seaside suburb of Sumner. However we have never actually been based in Sumner.